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About Chronos

Chronos is a smart project time tracking app that makes it easy for freelancers & small business owners to track time, expenses, and payments against client projects. Chronos combines intuitive project management with smart reporting to help you run your business so that you can save time, get organized, and make more money.

Our Mission

Chronos exists to empower freelancers with top quality tech that makes their lives easier and helps them grow their business!

Why do freelancers love Chronos?

  • Chronos saves you time – it makes it super easy to track time, expenses, and payments so freelancers can focus on their real work!
  • Chronos helps you make more money – freelancers using Smart Estimates underquote half as many jobs and make more money
  • Chronos helps you work on your business, not just in it – with reports like Profit & Loss, Chronos helps freelancers take a step back from their day-to-day and make strategic decisions

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Smart time tracking for freelancers.

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